premiere: September 22, 2012; Austin Bass Fest, University of Texas; Anthony Stoops, double bass, David Maki, piano.

Out of the Woods (2012)

1. Chase
2. Stillness
3. Shadows/Song
4. [attacca] Circles

Out of the Woods was written for Anthony Stoops in the summer of 2012 and consists of four short movements. “Chase" begins with energetic imitation and builds towards a fast-paced ending. In “Stillness," I wanted to explore the upper range of the bass while contrasting the mood of the opening movement. “Shadows/Song" is a short, complex study in rhythmic dialogue where each instrument seems to be slightly ahead of, or behind the other, but also working with the other; the movement ends with an extended solo for the bass which leads directly (attacca) to the last movement. “Circles" is built of two contrasting textures: one that features a rhythmic and harmonic pattern in the piano, while the bass tries to keep extending its melodic line; the other is a more lyric, song-like texture. The two alternate for a few cycles, the last time slightly changed, until a brief coda ends the piece. The title refers not only to the primary material of which each instrument is constructed, but also to the decorative elements on Anthony’s bass. Thanks to Anthony for his energy and commitment to this project.