premiere: April 23, 2017, Concert Hall, Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa Center for New Music; David Gompper, director.

"Another Time" was written with this occasion in mind: coming back to the University of Iowa for a concert in the new Voxman Music Building. My first semester at Iowa in 1993 was delayed by a week because of flooding at the old building, which certainly was another time in my life. The title also refers to the layering of different divisions of pulse and rhythmic activity in the piece — sometimes the strings might be moving very slowly while the winds are fast; often, groups of instruments are playing simultaneously in compound vs. simple divisions on several levels. Pitch materials are layered as well. The piece opens with three diatonic pitch collections presented consecutively and soon moves to a contrapuntal section where each instrument is playing a different diatonic set, layered on top of one another. The central section of the piece features strata of activity grounded in an unlikely key area before a brief, solo piano passage leads to the final section. I would like to thank David Gompper, the Center for New Music, and the School of Music for the honor of being part of this year's activities to mark the opening of the new Voxman Music Building.